Monday, April 30, 2012

I missed a couple

Side effects that is.  No major upsets though.  These side effects were nothing major but in the interests of being thorough I thought it important to include them.

Hiccups - And not just any hiccups, these were so loud they could be heard on the south side of the Chicago river and made such a change in the air pressure everyone yawned to equalise their ears.  Honestly, they were loud but they didn't annoy me any more than normal hiccups.

Dry lips - A combination of chemo, air conditioning and mild dehydration.  We have all had it before.  I need not elaborate.

Dry hands - Again probably due to the chemo and air con but also because I was almost obsessively washing my hands all the time.  It didn't hurt or itch and cleared up with some moisturiser.

Well, I think that is it now.  If I think of any more I will simply add them here rather than writing a new post.  Until next time, stay well:)

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