Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Arguably you could say that this is the other half of the Air and Space Museum.  It has a bucket load of all things aeronautic and astronautic so I was in heaven.  THe main difference between this campus and the one in DC is that this one was mainly just showing off the aircraft.  The DC campus had more interactive displays and was concerned with more than just aircraft.  For example, they had an exhibit dedicated to astronomy.

I had to say that in the morning I wasn't planning on going.  Even though I wanted to go my friend did not share my passion so I thought it fair that we go somewhere we would both enjoy.  However, her husband also really wanted to go so I put my less selfish side aside and decided to head off to Dulles Airport which was a great decision  as Mr Ronald "Reagan" Sigworth was a former senior engineer for Pratt and Whitney so I had my own resident expert of aeroplane engines.  You can all share in his wisdom as he gave a little speech on the SR71.  Here is the video, please enjoy.  Stay well:)

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