Sunday, April 22, 2012

Day +10

Well I honestly didn't expect to be out of the hospital until at least today so to have been out for a day was very much a pleasant surprise.  And even though I'm not home yet (which would be ideal) there are some luxuries about not being in the hospital.

First, my bed is not constantly inflating and deflating and making noises that keep me awake.  I don't have an IV pole that has numerous flashing lights and when it notices a problem will beep angrily at me.  I am PICCless.  As far as IV access goes, the PICC line was without doubt the most comfortable line I've ever had, but it is still so much nicer not to have it and I don't have to have my arm glad wrapped up to take a shower.  Lastly, it is nice not to be woken up at 2.00am for blood tests and again at 5.00am for weighing, blood pressure, temperature and pulse etc...

So how am I feeling now?  I am still really tired.  It is still quite a struggle to summon the energy to do something like have a shower and afterwards I am completely spent.  I also have a very small appetite although the nausea is no longer around.  On the plus I am feeling a little stronger and a little better every day.  Until next time, stay well:)


  1. thanks again for sharing Andy. So nice to be partway home! One more leg and you will be THERE. Will anxiously await more posts at that point! God bless you as you continue to heal!
    Wendy :)

  2. Glad to hear you are doing well, congrats on making it!!!