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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Day +7

I had a little setback today.  When I woke this morning I felt better than I had felt any morning this week.  Anyway, I felt I should try to get my day started properly so I got the PCT to glad wrap my arm in preparation for a shower.

I got out of bed and gingerly walked to the bathroom where my first port of call was to evacuate my bowels.  Apologies for the visual image I have bestowed upon you, but it is part of the story.  If you are feeling fragile or sensitive right now may I suggest you don't read or read another day.

Now I have not been constipated or had diarrhoea but I have had the next worst thing, the sticky, tarry stool that is hard to evacuate and clean.  Yes, a disgusting topic but bear with me.  So I sat down on the toilet and as soon as I did I started feeling faint.  Halfway through my movement I decided to pull the help cord.  So I was now feeling faint, I was also messy.  I have to admit that my pride and embarrassment were fighting a battle with my common sense as I was in a horribly compromising position but clearly in need of assistance.  I'm glad my common sense won out as two minutes after the arrival of assistance I passed out.

Luckily I didn't fully come too until I was back in bed, but apparently I passed out again an I was nice and clean wearing adult disposable undies.  Some questions like "How did I get there?" need to and do remain unknown and unanswered.  Well, at least by me anyway.

The question that did need to be asked and answered was why?  I had a full spread of blood work and they took my vitals.  Two things raised a flag.  First my blood pressure was way low.  I mean 75 over 47 low.  Some of the drugs I take for other conditions are used to treat blood pressure.  Alone these pills are not enough to send my BP that low under normal circumstances, but SCT can also send your BP down.  I have since ceased taking those drugs and have been hydrated intravenously and my BP is now a much more respectful 108 over 65.

Second, my haemoglobin count was significantly lower than 12 hours before.  Normal count is 13.0 - 17.5.  My count the night before was 9.6.  Post fainting it was 8.1.  Just to be clear when it gets to <8 they give you a mandatory transfusion.  I guess that only having 60% of your recommended oxygen carrying cells tells them it's time to intervene.  I think this and the BP would be what would be responsible for my little episode.

FYI, right now I am feeling fine.  As good as I have felt since transplant day so I feel with a close eye on my BP and haemoglobin this shouldn't happen again.  While I'm on the subject I would also like to say a big thanks to Missy, my nurse and Kenya, my PCT for the wonderful job they did.  They saw me at my worst and did not blink or pass judgement.  They were both professional and compassionate as have all the nurses and PCT's on the 15th floor of the Prentise Women's building have been.  When I passed out they also stopped me cracking my head open on the tiled bathroom floor.

Right now I seriously feel fine, so please don't worry about me.  The biggest wound was suffered by my pride and that will recover too.  Until next time, stay well:)

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