Thursday, April 19, 2012

Day +8

Well I had some good news this morning and more good news this evening.  They were worried about my haemoglobin and were a hares breath away from transfusing me.  They would have done so after a blood test they did this afternoon if my haemoglobin level hadn't increased, but it had.  It had gone from 8.2 to 9!

I am still a long way from normal, but apparently when one of your counts comes up the rest follow pretty quickly, so hopefully I will only have two more nights in here.  I guess I have to wait until tomorrow morning to see my WBC.

In truth, I still feel pretty ordinary.  I feel better than yesterday, but still a long way from normal.  My appetite is still way down and I am eating because I should not because I want to.  But I did this for the long term not the short and recovery will continue.  Until then, sty well:)

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