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Monday, April 23, 2012

Day +11

I am getting quite frustrated at the moment.  I think it is a combination of wanting to go home, being cooped up in a hotel room, being bored and still feeling generally crappy.  I could go out if I wanted, but the more places I go and the more people I interact with the greater the chance I have of catching something which could jeopardise my chance of returning home.

But because I'm frustrated I'm also quite cranky and grouchy at the moment and a little incident last night really set me off.  It was about 10.00pm, my wife and I were just getting ready for bed and we started smelling cigarette smoke from the adjoining room next door.  Now the Seneca does have smoking floors but I am not staying on one of them.  Plain and simply I just got pissed off.

Now maybe I'm just being pedantic, but with a markedly suppressed immune system one is not just susceptible to catching colds etc, you are also more susceptible to the effects of toxins such that you would find in cigarette smoke.  I have a very low threshold right now so short of going next door and giving the bloke a huge spray about being selfish and antisocial I rang reception and made my complaint.

Just to clarify, I wasn't rude but I was assertive and I think I got what I wanted because we haven't smelt any smoke since.  Man, I am so ready to go home.  Only two days to go......  Stay well:)

Ps.  Thinking of you Bob and Wendy.  Stay strong, it will all be worth it in the end!

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  1. Thanks Andy, love you! Stay well yourself! Keep in touch, of course! Godspeed.
    Wendy :)