Monday, April 9, 2012

Day -2

You know I woke up feeling OK.  With all the drugs that they have pumped into my system I really deserve to feel a whole lot worse.  Unfortunately the OK feeling only lasted about fifteen minutes as I started to feel nauseous and I had that horrid feeling of spit continually welling up in my mouth.

In order to combat this the nurses brought me a tasty shot of Zofran and a delightful yellow bucket to use as a spittoon.   At around 6 am they also came in to give me my morning dose of Lasix.   Lasix is a drug I have come to detest as it makes you go to the toilet an awful lot and in general is not very pleasant as it makes my kidneys hurt.

Around 8.30am the doctor came in to check my lab work and EKG.   He made a recommendation for my nausea a drug called  Marinol.   Also known as medical marijuana.    As a first for me, the main side effect  that was most pleasing was that food actually became appetising again and I managed to eat after which I had a very nice sleep.

On another plus I am now done with all the chemo so now I just have to wait for my cell counts to bottom out and my stem cell infusion on Tuesday and from then it is onward and upward to recovery.

Until next time, stay well:)

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