Saturday, March 24, 2012

Take a look

Firstly, thanks to Eddie for posting this link on Facebook.  It gives some really great insights into the HSCT process and although it is MS and not CIDP focussed there is probably more to learn about it as the trials for MS are far more advanced than for CIDP.

Personally, I think what resonates most with me about this post is the decision making process that lead to the author deciding to go ahead with the trial.  This will probably give you all some insights into why I decided to pursue this corse of treatment.  It is also full of useful links and graphs which will explain almost all the intricacies of HSTC. Until next time, stay well:)

Oh yeah, the link:-

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  1. Just was reading/watching a bit of it myself...Eddie is on the ball, isn't he?
    This guys posts are great and helpful. I hope to watch more and share with some friends w/ MS.
    Wendy :)