Sunday, March 25, 2012

Back to MSI

I had such a good time the last time I went to the Museum of Science and Industry that I decided to go back.  This time I went with my parents which was both good and bad.  To start with, things like this are better when you go with someone, but on the other hand I am a bit of a geek and I move a fair bit slower through a museum than most people that I know.  And not because of my medical impairment, but because I like to read all the literature provided with all the exhibits, but it means that I take my time.

I did have a mission whilst I was there.  And that was mainly to re-experience the U505 submarine and its exhibit once again.  The first time that I saw it I had a hurry through the sec on part of the exhibit.  This time I had plenty of time and I also bought a ticket to experience the inside of the submarine.  I was inspired by my first visit, this time I wanted to leave no stone unturned.  I was on a mission to see everything.  To read everything.  To learn everything.  I found the whole story of the battle in the Atlantic extremely compelling as well as the specific story behind U505.

The following video I took at the exhibit.  Although the submarine looks pretty big on the outside, believe me, with 59 people on board it would have been extremely cramped.  The junior sailors didn't even get their own bed and a sleep rotation system had to be employed.  Also most of the crew would not have been allowed 'topside' for the voyage which could last up to six months and there were no showers.  Could you imagine the smell?  Here is the video:-

I also have some pictures of the exhibit.  I have no pictures or video of the inside because we were not allowed to take any.  Here are the pictures:-

Not a great picture, but these were the hedgehogs and depth chargers.  Hedgehogs only exploded when they hit something making a spread of them ideal for locating a hidden U boat.  Depth chargers exploded at a certain depth.  As long as they exploded near the U boat they could inflict substantial damage.

The stern of the ship with the rudders, propellers and the aft torpedo tube

Guns for when the submarine had surfaced

Torpedo.  Much bigger than I imagined

Forward torpedo tube

I guess the only thing left to say is if you like museums and you are in Chicago, MSI is a must.  This and the space exhibit are my two favourite exhibits, but I have to say, they are all fantastic.  Until next time, stay well:)

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