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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I'm tearing my hair out

I have been advised to stay away from sick people and crowded public spaces for the start of this week as my immune system will be at its lowest after mobilisation.  And yeah, I'm tearing my hair out.  I've thought about what I could do, and I thought I could spend time on my blog but it's funny how time does not increase inspiration because as much as I have wanted to write I've got nothing.  Seriously, the best I can come up with is to write about being bored.

It is funny, I really think that I wouldn't be bored if the good people at the hospital hadn't said anything and I just decided to mope around the hotel room of my own volition.  It's like when they tell you you are not aloud to eat anything after midnight it's a sure fire way to make sure you will feel hungry at breakfast time when every other day I can go without breakfast quite happily.

So, Monday morning my mother escorted me to the hospital to have blood work done.  I'm not sure if I had been lucky up until now or if I just caught them on a busy day but this was the first time I had any real wait.  It took over 40 minutes to get into the lab to finally have my labs drawn, but I didn't mind.  In Australia I have had to wait over two hours before and it's not like I had somewhere else to be.  After the labs I started to feel a little tired again so we went and got a coffee before we took a cab home.  I assume all the tests came back good because I haven't heard back from them.

Other than that I have started getting a tidy little morning routine together.  I wake up at 7.00am and meet my mother in the kitchenette where I get my daily dose of neupogen.  I also have my antibiotic which has to be taken on an empty stomach before returning to bed for an extra little nap before I wake for breakfast and the remainder of my pharmaceutical cocktail.

On my naughty notes, I haven't strictly followed doctors orders precisely.  Before I bored myself to death I had to get out.  So I decided a nice little trip to the movies where I could sit in the corner away from other potentially diseased individuals and be entertained.  We went and saw 'Act of Valour'.  If you like action movies I'd wait for the DVD, if you don't like action movies I wouldn't bother.  And today I went out for lunch to somewhere quiet.  We also stopped off to look for a present for my daughter at American Girl.  Wow, that store is something else.  My daughter would be in heaven but me I felt like a fish not just out of water but in the middle of the Sahara.

On the plus side apart from some mild, intermittent fatigue I have felt really good.  The most common side effect of neupogen is bone pain and I have had none of that.  Well that is it for me for today, I will post again tomorrow.  Until then, stay well:)

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