Saturday, May 26, 2012

Week 6

Labs were fine from last week and I didn't have to have them done this week which is always good news.  The diarrhoea I was having last weekend has cleared up but seems to never be far away as all my movements seem to be softer than normal.

I went and saw Professor Miles Prince this week and he seemed to be relatively happy with my progress.  It is interesting that there are differences in the post transplant care between what the people in Chicago want me to do and what the doctors at Cabrini use.  Personally, I went through the procedure in Chicago so I feel more comfortable following their protocol than the Cabrini protocol.  I got the feeling that Miles would prefer to follow the protocol from Cabrini, but he said he was happy to follow their instructions.

There has been no real improvement of note this week although as with every week so far I do feel the slow recovery from the chemotherapy.  Unfortunately I did manage to somehow contract a cold which had to be pretty amazing since I've hardly seen anyone.  I think I caught it off my daughter who has had a mild sniffle.

Normally if I catch a cold it doesn't effect me that much but with all I've been through and a weakened immune system, this one has knocked me for six.  I feel like someone has pumped slime into my head to the point it is about to explode.  My nose keeps running, my eyes keep watering and my ears feel blocked.  This is coupled with a headache, lethargy and a nasty cough.  I talked to Miles Prince about it and he said to just get some rest and drink lots of fluids and call him if it gets worse or I start running a temperature.

Well, I think that's it from me for now.  I will update you all again next week and hopefully have other interesting or humorous titbits to share in the mean time.  Until then, stay well:)

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