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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Week 5

At the moment it is a little bit like two steps forward, one step back.  On the whole I am getting better.  How I feel now and how I felt three weeks ago when I arrived back in Australia are worlds apart.

I am still feeling quite tired from time to time.  I find that if I do something that involves being active I get quite tired but there is no rhyme or reason to it.  For example, the other day I went and had my blood test done and went out for coffee with my great uncle and I was pretty good afterwards.  But then yesterday my daughter wanted to show me something in her room so I went upstairs to have a look and after fifteen minutes I was exhausted.

On the whole there is continuous improvement.  The diarrhoea that I experienced last week slowly eased off.  The C diff test came back negative so what was causing it was a bit of a mystery.  It was probably the antibiotics but then the one step back.  This afternoon it returned, and with it the feelings of lethargy so I have been a real couch potato.  I was also supposed to go to the in laws for dinner, but with a movement around every half an hour it is probably not a good idea.

Unfortunately I have not got my blood test results back from this week.  As my specialist is organising them and not my GP I am using a different lab and I cannot get the results until they have been reviewed by a doctor.  It is kind of annoying as I need to send them to Chicago.  On the bright side I do not have to have my blood done every week now.  It is now fortnightly so I get a week off.

On another note I had my first shave since the middle of March yesterday.  It had to happen sooner or later and is a sign my hair is growing back.  But it isn't growing back completely.  The hairs on my beard used to be dark brown, they are now blond and only really growing on my chin and under my nose.  Growth has not recommenced on my cheeks or neck.

Well, I think that's it for me today.  I'll give you another update next week.  Until then, stay well:)


  1. Sounding good Andrew - as 'they' say, 'one step at a time'.
    Sammi :)

  2. You are headed in the right direction. Awesome!