Friday, June 8, 2012

Weeks 7 and 8

I have to apologise.  I have been really slack in keeping up with my blog these last couple of weeks.  However, I have been concentrating on my recovery and things have been fairly good recently.  I have still been fighting a cold, but it is slowly getting better and I still get tired quickly.  But on the plus side I have been getting out and about a bit more.

On the weekend I had an old university reunion which was great fun catching up with a bunch of people that I had not seen for a while and on Wednesday I took my wife and kids in to the Melbourne observatory to see the transit of Venus which will not happen for another 105 years.  Both kids had a lot of fun and it was really great to see this once in a lifetime astronomical event.

But back to my health.  My blood work was ok last week and slowly everything is returning to normal but there was still the same old yo-yoing.  Neutrophils were high, lymphocytes were low etc, but the levels are creeping towards normal.  Anyway, hopefully my blogging frequency will increase next week. I will ry my hardest.  Until then, stay well:)

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  1. Great to hear that your life is returning - sure your wife and kids love this!!!
    Keep up your blogging!
    Sammi :)