Thursday, November 24, 2011

Calm Down.

I have just read through my last couple of posts and although I wouldn't change them because that is how I felt at the time and for the most part still feel now.  However, I did take a big swipe at my doctor and doctors in general, and I do think that was a little harsh.

When it comes to my neurologist I have no doubt that every decision she makes, she makes in the best interest of her patient.  But I don't think she really understand how much time I have spent researching this, how much time I have spent thinking about this.  I know it is a long hard process.  I know I might come out worse than when I went in.  I know it might not work.  I know I might even die.

I know the statistics.  I know all about the procedure and yet I still want to do it, and I think that should be my choice to make.  After all, I could go and do many stupid and dangerous things if I wanted to and not need sign off by anyone.  I could go base jumping, swim with hungry sharks or play chicken with a brown snake.  If I wanted to be really stupid and dangerous I could even start an argument with my wife;)

My point is that for everything dangerous there is normally a reward or potential of reward.  And normally there is no one there to stop you.  So my point is if I am informed and willing, why can't I?  Stay well:

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