Sunday, October 14, 2012

Qantas Sucks

I thought about writing this post a couple of weeks ago after a horror trip from Melbourne to LA.  However I decided against it as I started this blog to write about my medical adventures and anything health related that took my fancy.  Occasionally I have strayed away from this but never to really vent about something outside this scope.

But on my return voyage from London to Australia I saw something that really made my blood boil.  But it is best I start at the beginning when we left Melbourne back at the start of September.  First, our flight was eight hours delayed then we were reallocated thirty rows back without any warning where the chairs did not work properly and the kids didn't receive their kids meals.  Finally, when my daughter was sick (partly because we were seated at the very back now) we received no help.

I wrote a letter of complaint and in return we received a $200 gift certificate, which I believe hardly enough to placate or silence me as the monetary recompense was not nearly enough to cover the financial loss we incurred due to the delay.  And given I purchased four round the world tickets I found their attempt at placating me a little insulting.  Ironically though the trip on the way back was much better for us but for one incident that didn't even effect me but I did find disgusting and disgraceful on behalf of Qantas.

As we boarded the plane there was a lady there that was clearly having difficulty walking as she had two crutches and visible foot orthotics.  She politely asked at the desk about someone wheel chairing her to the plane and she was subsequently ignored so she struggled down the jetway be herself.  I stopped her and asked her if she needed any help and as I looked into her eyes I saw a very familiar picture that I have seen in many others including myself.

It is a look of shame and embarrassment at having to need the assistance and also pride at not insisting on it.  I remembered my last overseas trip where I had my transplant and I needed the help.  Thankfully now I don't but this situation made me angry.  Help is supposed to be there for those who need it and it wasn't.  It seemed very different to my Disneyland post where people were, in my opinion, routing a system designed to help people like this poor lady at the Qantas gate.

A couple of weeks ago I was talking with a friend in London who is disabled and she said "it's funny, during the paralympics people looked admirably at the disabled.  Now they just see a bunch of dole bludgers.  I sincerely hope that this is not the mentality of Qantas and its staff but in the last two years I have flown a number of Airlines including Virgin International, Virgin Australia, Virgin America, Jet Star, Air New Zealand American Airlines, Delta Airlines and British Airway and by far and a way yhe worst were Qantas.  Well until next time, stay well:)


  1. Interesting story Andy! I was just noticing your blog title of "Shakes and Stones", are you still experiencing these two difficulties or has the SCT solved any of those problems? I know you have other issues that the SCT may not have done away with, besides the CIDP.
    I leave next week end for my 6 month check up! So glad you had the opportunity for all that fun stuff after your check up!
    Wendy :)

  2. Good question Wendy.

    I think it is a little too early to tell on both counts. Two years ago I had brain surgery to arrest my tremor. It worked really well but not perfectly. However, since the SCT my tremor has all but gone.

    I did not expect the SCT to work on my kidney stones but saying that I haven't had a stone since October last year. But stones are like a snake in the grass. Just when you think they're not there they hit you when you least expect.

    Good luck with the check up:)