Friday, October 19, 2012

Lance Armstrong

Assuming that you have any contact to media, and given that you are reading this post on the interweb I'm assuming that you do, you would have been privy to the spectacular fall form grace of the once heroic and indestructible Lance Armstrong.  In terms of the sporting impositions that have been placed upon him I really have no comment as I simple do not know enough about it.  But I do believe that if he is guilty (and that is not for me to decide) then you need to face the consequences.  Do the crime do the time.

However, although one part of his life has been seriously marred by this scandal I would implore people not to forget the fantastic work he has done.  I am of course, pointing to the work he has done with his charity "Live Strong".  He has brought a great deal of awareness to cancer sufferers all over the world and raised a huge amount of money to help sufferers and assist with research.

So I ask one thing of you all.  Do not let his charity or his charity work pay for his indiscretions.  This will not punish him but all the cancer patients he is trying to help.  The charity will have suffered enough without individuals deciding to pull their support away too.  Until next time, stay well:)

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