Saturday, September 22, 2012

Back in Chitown

It is so nice to be here again, and this time without the daunting roadblock of a stem cell transplant to sour the mood.  Actually in is completely different in every way.  There will be appointments and tests, but there will be no nasty treatments and I'm looking forward to it as for once the I am expecting good news!

THe other big difference between this time and last time is that we have the kids with us.  And what would a trip to the USA be without a trip to Disneyland?  We all had a great time and I surprised myself by the amount of walking that I managed to do without getting tired.  We nearly managed to do every ride in both parks.  There is definitely something to be said about going outside of the US school holidays as queue times were down and the streets weren't so busy.

The highlight for me would of had to be radiator springs.  It look just like the movie and you seriously would have thought you were there if it wasn't for all the people.  I have to say that Disney Land is the best theme park I have ever been to and even after 57 years of operation.  Disney, I take my hat off to you.  But there was one thing that bugged me.

Now I expect this to be a little controversial, so here goes.  First, I do believe that people have the right to choose their own lifestyle and eat what they like and indulge in their own vices etc.  I also think that all people should have the right to medical attention whether they contribute to their condition or not.  But it should not entitle you to more than anyone else.

So what happened?  We were standing in the queue when two obese people, who would not have been older than 30 pulled up in their scooters, got off, entered through the exit gate jumping the queue and got straight on the ride.  Now I'm all for these people being assisted, but when someone who clearly does not take care of themselves gets to jump the queue ahead of everyone else I think that is wrong.  Did I also mention they stank of stale cigarette smoke?  I know a heap of people that have been hit with a crippling disease simply because of bad luck and no fault of their own and almost feel too proud or guilty to jump the queue.

I feel that the queue jumping exception was created to help the unfortunate and others now simply take advantage of it.  I'm reminded of an episode of the Simpsons where Homer puts on a pile of weight so he can claim disability and work from home exposing a loophole in the system.  It also saddens me to see so many people with uncontrollable disabilities who try their absolute hardest to get better and can't.  these other people don't seem to care and in fact are rewarded for their laziness.

However, like I said, it bugs me.  Next time hopefully I will be reporting good news to you from my Chicago followup.  Until then, stay well:)

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