Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Week 12 and 13

Yes, I know I haven't written for a while.  But that isn't quite true.  My big news is that I have decided to write a book.  It is about health and I have started so stay tuned.  I will divulge more later but as most of my readers are people with health issues I would like to call on your help.  Not yet, but soon I will be graciously calling on you all to help.

It has also been school holidays so I have been busy with the kids but these are just excuses as I decided recently to dust off my Nintendo 64 and fired up Zelda: Ocarina of time, which is my favourite game ever (and probably the main reason for my lack of writing) but in the interests of professionalism I'm going with the first two excuses.

So, how am I doing?  Really well actually.  Everything seems to be on track.  My blood work was fine with the exception of my kidney function which was elevated.  The haematologist I am seeing here was concerned but seeing as I have a kidney problem too I also have a nephrologist who we consulted over this issue.

So what caused this elevation?  During my HSCT I had really low blood pressure so the doctors at North Western decided I should stop taking Captopril, a drug I take for kidney stone prevention.  I started taking the drug a couple of weeks ago and this is the reason for the elevated creatinine.  Apparently it does not damage the kidneys, just slows them up a little.

As my neurologist was not overly concerned, neither am I.  But one think that remains in the question of whether the treatment worked?  Stay tuned, I will blog about that later this week.  Until then, stay well:)

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