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Friday, July 20, 2012

My HSCT story

Stay well:)


  1. I attest to this. My son's CIDP had extended to his chest & docs were talking respirator. His disease was so aggressive it made a complete invalid of him in only 6 mos.He was 3 months from death. We'd already made the rounds of UCSF&Stanford Hospitals & Mayo Clinic by Jan '10. They had nothing for him that hadn't already failed. They wouldn't even discuss this treatment. His SCT ocurred Mar 3,10. As of this date 7/20/12 he has regained ALL of his function, tho sensory nerves in feet are still screwed & he has severe but gradually diminishing pain in feet. He was #12 or 13 CIDP patient in this study. But Dr. Burt has CURED over 400 MS patients, while MS patients die because the above Medical centers still won't discuss this. WHAT'S THE MATTER WITH THEM???????????

  2. thanks for the story. how awesome!!!
    keep running-heidi

  3. Although I have not gone through the SCT, I did recover with IVIG. I remember the first time I realized I could run again...what an amazing and joyful feeling. I cried watching your video just because of the memories and joy for you I felt. Thank you for posting the video as it has served as a reminder for the 2nd chance I have, and remotivated me to take FULL advantage of my capabilities.

  4. Andrew,
    Just watched your post and I cried - its just so fantastic to see you running, SPRINTING, moving again like that.
    very moving, given all the crap you've been through.
    THANKYOU for sharing/posting this,
    Sammi :)

  5. Congratulations Andy, really great to see. Thanks for sharing the good news.


  6. Well done, young man!! Keep up the good work!!

    Mikie G.

  7. Thank you so much for posting this wonderful film ! I am in awe! I watched it last night Nd had a hard time getting to sleep and my mind was racing with so many thoughts and plans. Your story is inspirational and gives me more courage to pursue this treatment . Monique (living with MS in Melbourne)

  8. awesome progress

  9. How AWESOME!! It must have felt amazing to run again like that. Good for you. I wish you continued improvement. Thanks so much for sharing your story