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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Third Prophecy

You might have thought I'd forgotten about this line for my blog.  Well, I haven't.  What with the carpel tunnel surgery etc... it has been a a while since I've been able to type anything of substance for a long period.  But now I am recovering it has been a little easier.

And this prophecy is a doozy;)  It is not so much a question of a new technology or science promoting medicine, boldly pioneering our way into the future.  It isn't about dumbing it down and going back to grass roots medicine.  It is basically about taking a small step backward, surveying the landscape thoroughly and then heading in a different direction.

Which direction?  I can answer that for you too.  I believe that it should and eventually head in the direction of Functional Medicine (FM).  And what is FM?  Basically, FM is about treating the why as opposed to the what.  Let me explain further.

At the moment medicine has a fairly regimented system for treating patients.  First, the patient comes to the doctor complaining of symptoms.  Doctor does an examination of the patient and takes a medical history.  Tests maybe ordered if necessary.  After all the results have been received a diagnosis of what is wrong is made and treatment administered accordingly.

But FM asks another critical question.  Why?  Why do we have this problem and what is the cause.  Not just what is it?  If you ask that question you can cut off the problem at the source.  If the underlying cause of the problem is defeated then the problem should disappear.  Treating the symptom is like simply like trying to stop a fire hydrant by using your bare hands.  It is impossible to stop the water and if you let go it all comes gushing out just as before.  Why not try simply turning it off at the tap?

So why are we currently doing it the traditional way?  Well the cynic in me has three theories.  First, the litigation procedure in most Western countries has tied up the medical system in so much bureaucracy and procedure, most doctors wouldn't dare treating outside of current protocols whether it was in the patients best interests or not.

Second, big pharmaceutical companies like it this way.  It is in their financial interest to have you constantly pushing against the fire hydrant and popping one of their expensive pills every day for the rest of your life.  If you have a simple workable solution you will cut off their revenue stream.  Unfortunately, pharmaceutical companies are much more loyal to their shareholders and profit margins than their patients.

Lastly, insurance companies and governments (bill payers) want to know exactly what they are shelling out their dish for.  If it doesn't have a name or the prescribed treatment is not approved for that name, they won't pay.

Well, it is only a matter of time before FM starts being recognised and indoctrinated as standard practice.  Well, I believe that anyway.  The big question is how much time?  Check out this link.  Stay well:)

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