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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Two years

I am pinching myself.  It has now been two years since I was in Chicago having my stem cells infused back into me.  Ironically, the day seemed a bit like a non-event.  After all the drugs and chemotherapy they put into me over my three week hospital stay the stem cell infusion seemed like just another hospital day.

What is important is the two years since then.  My recovery has been better than I ever imagined.  For 12 years I was not able to run.  Three months after my HSCT I could run again.  And the improvements have not stopped there.  The best things are I feel like I have become a better husband, father and person.  I can play with my kids, I can lift the groceries out of the car and I can walk down stairs without using the handrail.

But even today I noticed something I did that I hadn't been able to do six months ago or for the last 14 years for that fact.  Currently I'm holidaying on the Gold Coast with my family and today we were at White Water World.  Kids being kids had sprinted to the queue and were (im)patiently waiting by the time I got there.  The quickest way for me to get there was to duck under the railing.  Six months ago that would have been an effort but as always seems to happen, I ducked under the railing and didn't even realise it until it was over.  I then managed to carry up the floaty for my daughter and I by myself!

Anyway the last two years have been two of the best of my life and I'm going to take this opportunity to thank some really special people.  First and most importantly my friends and family who have supported me on this journey.  It is amazing to see the smiles on their faces when they notice my improvement.  A special thanks must go to my wife, my parents and my inlaws.  They say that family will always be there for you no matter what and that is so true.  To Dr Burt, Amy, Paula and all the other staff at North Western, the care I got was faultless and without your tireless effort I never would have been able to achieve my results.  Lastly to my new Reset friends and colleagues who are working tirelessly to see HSCT be available to all Australians suffering from sever autoimmune diseases and promote the treatment worldwide.

Until next time, stay well:)


  1. Eddie Nash here! So happy to see the updates that Wendy's TOUR GUIDE posts! Still wish to say THANKS for the video tour of Chi Town and your helping walk Wendy for that first trip. God bless you and your wonderful family! Wishing you could meet us in Chicago June4-6 for the re-evaluation.

  2. I agree with Eddie above Andy! Thank you so much for your friendship there and so glad we both are doing so well! What a great process! Best to you all as you get it known about in your country!

  3. Sounds like you are doing great! I am going Oct 3rd for my re-evaluation. My wife is expecting our 2nd child due in November :)

    I am with you and all your recovery. I am back to 100%. I can do EVERYTHING I could do before and it's incredible. So happy to hear you and Wendy are doing so well. Take care everyone!!

  4. Reading all these stories is inspiring me there is help out there. Recently diagnosed with RRMS.
    I have had a response email from Chicago.
    I have yo fill in the screening form.
    Can anyone tell me which neurologists in. Melbourne Victoria Aust. Can help me. Not getting any luck atm. Andrew could you help me.

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