Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Lets lighten the mood

Well, my last post was of a very serious nature.  It was a topic of extreme importance and needed to be had.  But it is time to change the pace a little, add a bit of humour and hopefully do a bit of good for what I believe is a very noble cause.  Yes people, I'm have enrolled in Movember.  For the 30 days of November I will be cultivating a hairy upper lip to try and raise money and awareness for mens health issues.

Now I have already made the decision to grow a mo but the decision that is still baffling me is which mo to grow.  There are so many alternatives to what is best so I'm asking my faithful and diligent readers to assist me in my mo design.  Hear are a few ideas.....

Australian fast bowler

Never has there been a moustache that has struck so much fear into the hearts of English batsmen.  The mo and the red missile was a majestic combination which spearheaded the the Australian cricket teams dominance during the seventies.  For those who don't know about cricket the closest comparison would be Magnum PI.  This mo commanded respect and oozed testosterone.  The pinnacle of manliness.

Charlie Chaplain

Everyone has heard of Charlie Chaplain.  Arguably the first ever movie superstar.  He had a mo that fit snuggly under his nose and in the days of black and white films became an icon of the industry.  Unfortunately, his mo was made doubly famous by Adolf Hitler.  I'm going to call it the Charlie Chaplain though because he was a fun loving comedian who blessed the silver screen and the other was, well, Hitler.


Yes, Merv Hughes was an Australian fast bowler and yes he did have a mo.  But this was no ordinary mo.  This was a high octane, supercharged mo and as a result deserves it's own category.  Without doubt, the most famous mo in the history of cricket.  However, on the down side even the thought of growing this one sends shivers down my spine.  I don't think I could do it justice.  There are few things that would scare a Greek God.  Chuck Norris out for vengeance or the underside of a Scotsman's Kilt might do it, but so would Merv's mo.

Fu Mancuh

One of literatures most famous super villain and master assassin, Fu Manchu, created by Sax Rohmer is almost as well known for his mo as his evil deeds.  This mo makes a statement but on the downside it is long and I only have a month of growing, so I might have to leave this one to the Arch Nemesis of Denis Nayland Smith.

Errol Flynn

This mo quite simply oozes class, style and sophistication.  And didn't Tasmania's most famous export (well, until princess Mary of Denmark from Tasmania in Australia) do it justice.  The pencil thin, 'less is more' style of this mo sets it apart.  On the plus side, this mo would be achievable in a month but on the downside the question is could I carry it off like Errol Flynn.

Zach Galifianakis

This is not just a mo, it is the fully loaded facial hair ensemble, but it does include a mo so I could use it.  On the plus side it would require no manscaping so it would save time but it can be itchy so the question is could I handle growing it for a month?

WWII RAF fighter Ace

Tally ho old chap!  Let's show these Jerry pilots that there's no place for them in the skies above Old Blighty!  Whether this 1940's version of the handle bar moustache helped in the progression of this endeavour is anyones guess?  This mo has a personality all of its own but given some length is required means I probably won't be able to carry it off.  Also to complete the look I would have to smoke a pipe and this is a no go as I am very much anti smoking.

Well I think after my facial hair evaluation I have rounded the choice down to three types of mo.  As much as I like the Fu Manchu I think this would be impractical.  So the choices are the Australian Fast Bowler, the Zach Galifianakis or the Errol Flynn.  I need your help and input to decide so let me know what you think.

Stay well:)

Oh, and you can donate to the cause at my Movember page here.

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