Thursday, August 29, 2013

I found this very interesting.

I have always found the science of stem cells interesting.  Especially since I had a stem cell transplant.  So this article is really interesting and shows that adult stem cells can be coerced into forming different kinds of cells.  In this study they managed to get skin stem cells to form a brain type structure.  The clinical potential for this kind of research is massive.  From Parkinson's disease to brain injury the practical application could be endless.

However, this research is still completely resigned to the laboratory so it will still be many years until we see any real world benefit.  It is really important to note that if anyone is offering stem cell transplants to directly repair cells that are of a different origin to the stem cells used they are lying.  We simply do not have the technology for that kind of procedure yet.  But, I'm sure that it will happen one day.

Oh yeah, here is the article.

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