Monday, May 6, 2013

A Big One

OK, I admit.  It has been a while since my last post.  But for good reason.  I have been really busy.  I have been making good headway with my book that I told you all about last time and I have been really busy with some other things too.  I would love to share them all with you but not now.  All in good time:)

Being busy has also given me a heap to write about and it is all good.  I am really excited about the remainder of this year so I will keep you posted.  But what to write about now?  Well, if I stuck I can always return to my favourite subject.  Me.  I'll give you a wrap of my latest kidney op.

But before then I have something else to share.  This is post number 400!  And I have been writing it for over three years now.  I hope you have all enjoyed reading.

Well, wrapping up my kidney surgery.  I got the stent out under local this time which wasn't great but to get an anaesthetist to come in would have meant another week.  I had to weigh up the pros and cons and decided that being awake for the procedure wasn't as bad as a week with a stent.  FYI, stents suck.

It all went quite well though.  I did have a small problem afterwards though.  I was having some pain and irritation in the down stairs department and I thought I might have a UTI, which is reasonably common after kidney surgery.  So I went to the doc and he agreed and put me on antibiotics.  A day later I passed a couple of small kidney stones that were probably remnants of my kidney surgery.

Well it's nice to be through it. Until next time, stay well:)

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