Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My Final and Controversial Prophecy

I actually touched on this a while back and I got quite a response.  I understand that people have very strong views and I welcome them.  If you have something I say I am more than happy to hear it.  But last time I did get a reasonably nasty and aggressive comment (which I deleted).  So if you wish to comment please keep it civilised.

Personally I understand and respect people have religious views when it comes to this subject but I didn't start this blog to debate theology so from my part, like I always intended, I am going to keep this medical.  And now for the controversial topic.  Embryonic stem cell transplantation and research.

It has been a hotly debated topic not only in medical and research circles but also in the media and politics as well as the wider community in general.  The research has for various reasons taken a long time to yield results.  There are a variety of reasons for this but I think the most simple reason is the complexity of what scientists are trying to achieve.  We're not baking muffins here.  This is the most cutting edge and complicated research ever undertaken.

However, it is moving forward, and recently the first person was treated with embryonic stem cells.  The following report demonstrates that we are probably on the precipice of something huge.  This happened over a year ago and the aim of the study was to test the safety of using Embryonic Stem Cells to treat macular degeneration.  The study showed that the procedure was not only safe but stopped further progression of the disease and even improved it.  Check out the links:-

I believe that in the future research such as this will become more common place and as people see more of the success its popularity will grow.  And as this happens it will command more research and clinical dollars.

Lets face it, the possibilities are endless.  In the early stages the science could be used to grow new simple cells for people like the macula or skin for burn victims.  As the technology advances it could be used to regrow nerves for people with spinal trauma or even a new pancreas for diabetics or brain cells for Parkinson's and Alzheimer's.  Eventually we could see the growth of new limbs for amputees or entire organs eliminating the need for transplantations.THe possibilities are almost endless......  Stay well:)

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  1. I am for embryonic stem cell research if the embryo is not harmed in the harvesting process.